Southern Shaolin Academy

Chinese Kung Fu school Southern Shaolin Academy


     Master William Holman                                                               


                Our Mission is to teach all that are willing to learn the beauty of the Martial Arts. Furthermore, to target at risk youth to give them a positive  outlet, and  to keep them off the streets. Most importantly ,my goal is to give the members of the school the  tools  that they will need  to succeed not only in the Martial Arts, but also in  life. In this system, the student will learn several skills; confidence , self control, discipline , leadership skills, responsibility, humillty ,respect and perseverance.

     The Southern Shaolin Academy is a recogized school estalished in 1998. it was founded by Master William Holman. He began his training Shaolin martial art at the age of nine years old under Master Insturctor Arthur Seel. Master Seel was one of Grandmaster Sun's top Instructors and Master Holman was one of Master Seel's top pupils. Master Holman remebers training with Master Seel with his large number of students in his basement. The worksout were hard , almost too hard for a nine year old, who was one of the youngest in the class. A dedicated student  who choose class over playing with friends. 

 Master Arthur Seel started teaching more at the Main school (Siu Lum Studio) were Master Holman followed and continued his training. Master Holman accomplishment various ranking including becoming a instructor, senior insturtor, master and master instructor. recieved first degree black belt on march 9, 1991 at the age of seventeen the youngest black belt at Sum lum Studio at that time. Third degree black belt June 7, 1997, fourth feburary 7,2000 etc. currently sixth degree black belt promoted on   Jan 1,2008 to  Master instructor status.



Brief History of the Shaolin Martial Arts;

        More than 1500 years ago, the art of Shaolin Boxing Originated in the Shaolin Temple located in the Honan Province of China. The story is Bodhidharma,who was the son of an Indian king, renounced his material wealth of his family's kingdom and traveled to China to spread the teachings of Ch'an Buddhism. At the end of his journey, Bodhidharma found himself at the  Shaolin Temple located in the mountains of northern China. Bodhidharma notice how unfit the monks were troubled by this. It is written,  that  Bodhidharma meditated in a cave for nine years on this problem. After this time of meditation, Bodhidharma emerged and developed a series of exercises that he taught to the monks. These exercises were to help strengthen the monks  overall health, both physically and mentally. The exercises were called the Washing Marrow and the Sinew Changes Classic. This formed the basis of the Shaolin Martial Arts known today.

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